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There's Nothing Like Leveling up a Character in Apex Legends

Apex Legends sure is leaky these days. This shouldn't be all that surprising: few games can withstand the sort of reverse engineering and datamining efforts that modern gamers marshall to uncover the secrets of games-as-service, and a new game like Apex Legends might not have the sort of encryption and other anti-datamining efforts in place yet to slow them down. Regardless, people have been finding all sorts of goodies in the files since the March 6 update, from a flamethrower, to more hints at new modes to further evidence that Titans are likely returning to this universe at some point.


Go nuts with the Smoke Launcher. Shoot it at enemies to mess with their ability to shoot at you, pop it near your squad so they can move around without being seen, or use it to block off visibility when crossing open ground. You can seriously hamper an enemy's ability to fight if you can take away their ability to see, and the cooldown on the Smoke Launcher means you can fire them pretty quickly even in a combat situation. Dump smoke into a fight to make it hard for enemy squads to combine fire on your teammates at range, and to even up the odds at close quarters. Bangalore is a good choice if you're new to Apex, because her abilities are highly offensive. Unlike playing someone like Gibraltar, Lifeline, or Recon, you don't really have to worry about using your abilities to save teammates. Bangalore does have some defensive options, which are great to have in a pinch, but if you want to learn the ropes of Apex Legends, Bangalore is a good character to use to do it.


Apex Legends currently has eight different characters or Legends to choose from. As with any class-based game, players are keen to know how they stack up against one another in an Apex Legends tier list. Every match of Apex means jumping in with a squad of three, and all the Legends can be useful in their own way. With that said, some are definitely more effective than others, so here's our Character Tier List for Apex Legends. You'll always want to think about picking characters that complement each other other in Apex Legends, but for the sake of our tier list we're largely looking at how characters stack up against one another.


The latest popular Battle Royale on the block, Apex Legends, will be running a Valentine's Day celebration event this week. Following a blistering opening week for Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment has looked back on the game's success. Celebrating over 25 million players, a new update post by Respawn CEO Vince Zampella thanked the community for their feedback and revealed some upcoming plans. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning Cheap Apex Coins kindly go to our site.


There's nothing like leveling up a character in Apex Legends, but XP doesn't necessarily have to be earned through killing. There's a variety of things players can do to quickly get characters to the top levels. Each character's stats are separate, so it takes time to get everyone raised up.

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