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The Easiest Aspect of MLB The Show 19

As mentioned, the game puts your players in the right spot a lot of the time, but you still have to finish the job. Because of the way fielding animations work, you don't actually have to do as much as you think, though. Momentum carries you forward when catching fly balls in the outfield. In fact, it can be easy to overdo it if you try to get too cute with fielding. Eventually you'll get a good feel for it, but at first remember that less is more.


Moments is another new addition that also drops you into crucial situations, with the key difference here being their historical significance. Playing as the likes of Babe Ruth, Nolan Ryan, Willie Mays, and other icons of the sport, Moments lets you relive the classic plays, at-bats, pitching performances, and playoff series of these legendary players' Hall of Fame careers complete with authentic stadiums and a black and white filter. It's not a perfect recreation of baseball's past, with plenty of default players on top of contemporary commentary and graphic overlays.


There's also little fanfare when you pull off a historic feat, with not even so much as a single line of dialogue. Yet despite these missteps, it's still exciting to call your homerun with The Bambino, mash your way to a .400 average with Tony Gywnn, or win the Chicago Cubs' first World Series in 108 years. Moments also provides another avenue to earn rewards for Diamond Dynasty, beyond giving you the opportunity to play as historic players before unlocking their playing cards.


MLB The Show 19 also includes the now necessary card collecting game called Diamond Dynasty. If you are you looking for more about MLB 19 PS Stubs check out our website. Diamond Dynasty is like every other card game in sports video games: you'll compete in challenges against the computer or online and earn cards or currency to collect new cards. Then, you use these cards to upgrade your lineup of current and legendary baseball players. It's a fun diversion, but the pay-to-win possibility is always there in these modes, meaning some will likely never play this mode. Road to the Show also returns, bringing some new features as well, with more added story features like dialogue and personality choices interspersed throughout the mode.


It makes it fun to try different types of responses. I enjoyed this aspect of RTTS because it helps you appreciate some of the work it takes to truly build your player, and it's a good move toward a feeling of balance, instead of trying to build a unicorn player and mash through the mode. The downside of this is that it seems to add some length to the whole process, which can already feel like a slog if you're binge-playing the mode for hours at a time. With runners on base already, you'll have the opportunity to pre-charge your throws before making the catch in the outfield. Simply stand on the blue line on screen and press and hold the button that corresponds with the base you want to throw to.

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