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Mobile game company Zynga is off to a hot start in 2019

Zynga Inc. on Wednesday forecast bookings far above Wall Street's expectations after beating first quarter estimates, supported by demand for games like "CSR Racing 2", as well as franchises obtained such as "Empires & Puzzles". The company, formerly known for Facebook-based desktop games such as "Farmville", has focused on mobile-centric games and on the acquisition of smaller studios such as Gram Games, Small Giant Games and card studio and board games from Peak Games. to drive growth.

Zynga also said it was increasing revenue estimates and bookings by 2019, also supported by strong slate for the second half of this year with games such as "Harry Potter" and "Game of Thrones". Analysts expect revenues of $ 240 million and orders of $ 359 million, with earnings per share of 5 cents. Zynga blew income and order figures. But the company must pay a large bonus to the acquired company, Gram Games and Small Giant Games, which drives it to a deeper loss than previously thought.

However, Zynga also posted a net loss of $ 129 million, a significant increase from the previous guide of $ 59 million. During a call with investors on Wednesday, Zynga CEO Frank Gibeau touted the emergence of the 5G network, saying it would "enable higher performance games and new innovative forms of distribution," while increasing cross-platform cross-platform games will also broaden the audience Zynga .

Looking forward to Q2, Zynga estimates revenues of $ 280 million and net losses of $ 70 million, partly due to an additional $ 80 million in bad luck's delayed income. Zynga also plays around with the idea of ​​introducing a subscription service that will provide additional content for some of its games. Publisher president Bernard Kim told Variety that Zynga would likely try the concept with one of 'forever franchises' like Words with Friends. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy Texas Holdem Poker Chips from 5mmo.com at a reasonable price.

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