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Pre-Order MLB The Show 19 Through PlayStation

If you want to eliminate the designated hitter, change the length of playoff series, financial structures and more, it's all available. Quite honestly, the list of options can be overwhelming, which is why I pulled out the five most prominent ones for this list. Customization is key in OOTP. In fact, that is the primary draw when compared to MLB The Show. There are so many options, OOTP 20 gives you the tools to have almost any baseball experienced you want. One of the biggest is the ability to change league rules. The Show does not allow you to change...

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There's Nothing Like Leveling up a Character in Apex Legends

Apex Legends sure is leaky these days. This shouldn't be all that surprising: few games can withstand the sort of reverse engineering and datamining efforts that modern gamers marshall to uncover the secrets of games-as-service, and a new game like Apex Legends might not have the sort of encryption and other anti-datamining efforts in place yet to slow them down. Regardless, people have been finding all sorts of goodies in the files since the March 6 update, from a flamethrower, to more hints at new modes to further evidence that Titans are likely returning to this universe at some point.



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There are Tons of Unlockable Items in Far Cry New Dawn

Head to the Chop Shop outpost. From there, head east on the main road and head through the trees until you reach a clearing of land. You should spot what appears to be the remnants of a plane on top of a platform of sorts. That platform is the water tower you're looking for. Move toward it until you spot the camera and table. As you might expect, Far Cry New Dawn has a range of collectibles for you to chase down, but if you stick to the main story then you'll have 13 missions to beat in total. Each...

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The Division 2 to Have a Lot More Variety in Its Map

Hopefully this will all help keep fans engaged long into The Division 2's lifespan. If you're yet to check out the chaotic action, then don't forget an open beta for the game goes live early next month, just ahead of the game's March 15 release on PS4, PC and Xbox One. But the changes aren't just visual according to associate creative director Chadi El-Zibaoui, the setting of Washington D.C. allows The Division 2 to have a lot more variety in its map. While speaking with Gadgets 360, El-Zibaoui talked about how The Division 2 has plenty areas that differ from...

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